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Life, Incorporated

“I read – and wrote all over – my copy of ‘Life Incorporated’ in two back to back sessions. The reason it was two sessions rather than one was because I had to to stop, gather myself, and reflect on the lessons I’d already learned from the first two chapters alone.

Halley Bock hasn’t written just another self-help tome for a narcissistic generation – she’s written a searingly honest, immediately practical road map for anyone who wants to find, re-discover, re-position, or just polish their north star. Buy it, learn the lessons, work the exercises, and I guarantee you’ll put down ‘Life Incorporated with a renewed sense of who you are and what you’re here to do.”


Les McKeown

Best Selling Author, Predictable Success

“Challenged by disappointment or been knocked off your horse? Halley Bock in Life, Incorporated has been there and done that. She provides all of us with a relevant, meaningful and systematic approach to get you back on a powerful path!”


Dr. Bert Mandelbaum

World-renowned Surgen & Author, The Win Within: Capturing Your Victorious Spirit

Mindfulness may not be an easy skill to master, but Halley Bock’s Life, Incorporated will help you get there. Through personal anecdotes and practical tips anyone can employ right now, she takes the reader on their own journey of self-discovery in the process.


Kristin McGee

Celebrity Yoga Instructor

“OUR work has always supported the fact that living with PURPOSE & INTENTION and staying connected to the PROCESS will drive results. In Life Incorporated, Halley proves yet again that YOU can choose YOUR life and daily ACTION to drive YOUR success.”


Ben Newman

Performance Coach & Best-Selling Author, Own Your Success

At last, we have an author who has taken the genre of ‘self help’ and completely transformed it into what it should be: a real, practical, and essential roadmap for life. Halley tells a story that will engage you and then backs it up with approachable, actionable, and most of all, doable steps you can take immediately to take control of your life and make it what you want it to be. Halley’s tested and well-researched guidance combined with an easy-to-read style make this book a must-have for anyone looking to make their lives better.


Ann Herrmann-Nehdi

CEO and Co-Author, The Whole Brain Business Book

“Anyone who has tried to live more mindfully and purposefully knows it can be difficult. In Life, Incorporated, Halley Bock provides a roadmap for anyone struggling to live by their own values and find their own happiness. If you’re looking to enhance your life and live more authentically, Life, Incorporated is a must-read.”

Dr. Sanjay Jain

Author, Optimal Living 360