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"Write what you know." - Mark Twain


Thanks for your interest in Life, Incorporated! We love that you want to help us inspire, connect, and celebrate our thoughtfully vibrant community while forwarding our vision of “living mindfully in the modern world.”

We can’t publish every story we receive, so here are a few tips to increase your chances of appearing on

Be relevant. There are a lot of blogs and websites out there and a million topics under the sun. This particular site is dedicated to encouraging mindfulness, awareness, compassion, and joy in all areas of life. That said, your submission needs to fit within one of our categories while supporting our mission. Take a tour through the site before submitting your piece to ensure your passion fits within our wheelhouse.

Be relatable. The strongest submissions tell a story. Specifically, your story. Our readers aren’t interested in theory or platitudes but, rather, stories grounded in reality born out of experience. It may be a story about how mindfulness lifted you from a dark place or how exercise enhances your wellbeing or how you keep your relationships on track. In short, relate the story to yourself first and then bring the solutions or practices to our readers.
Which brings me to the next tip…

Be specific. We want practical advice so give us 3 ideas or 5 tips or 4 recipes (you get the idea) on how to put your ideas into practice. We don’t just want to talk about life and its sticky points; we want to get our hands dirty and try your ideas on for size.

Be original. Absolutely no plagiarism or regurgitated stories. Be sure to read our Terms of Service and then find your original slant on this topic, use your voice, and tell us what’s burning for you.

Be succinct. Your story or video doesn’t have to be long. We ask that you aim for 350-700 words for written pieces or under 3 minutes for media submissions. If you have a longer piece that can be chunked into installments, please let us know in the subject line and present your piece in that format.

Be approachable. Don’t talk down to us or judge others. We’re all a hot mess at some point or other (sometimes I achieve this on a daily basis) so avoid discounting other people, ideas, methods, etc. Instead, focus on what you want to present and tell us all the reasons we should consider it.

Be you. If you’re funny, make us laugh. If you’re enthusiastic, let it rip. This isn’t the New York Times so please bring your personality to your piece.

And finally, be patient. Because of the volume of submissions we receive, our response may take up to 5 business days. If we decide to publish your piece we will let you know. For others, we will thoughtfully decline. Please know that every submission is carefully read and deeply appreciated.

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