Every year leading up to January, ads for gyms and weight management programs flood our screens. All of them hoping to profit from our collective lapse in taking our eye off the ball as life, once again, swept us off our feet and into its unrelenting fast-moving current.

I have a theory about all those New Year’s Resolutions that die faster than this week’s Facebook meme: I think they die because we sprang for the obvious instead of choosing resolutions that we connected to and, thus, carried actual meaning to us. And because we can hardly be bothered to slow down long enough to take an actual inventory of our lives, we pull down a cookie-cutter resolution like losing weight, drinking less, earning more money, or obtaining a coveted seat in this year’s Platinum Sales Club at the firm.

While these pursuits may be worthwhile, they aren’t necessarily the goals I would expect to come out of a once-a-year introspective process. I would expect something much more unique, curious, and imaginative than the aforementioned examples. For that, we need to take a mindful approach and ask ourselves some questions that get to what matters to us. Not what matters to “them”. Or the Joneses. Or the monkey on your back and the chip on your shoulder. No. This time and this life is for YOU. So here is what I suggest:

“Our entire life arises out of the tip of intention.”
—Buddhist teaching

In order to revolutionize your year (and life!), I invite you to reflect on the past year and then mindfully set an intention in any of the three categories that resonate with you: Repair, Refresh, and Recover.

  1. Repair. Repair speaks to relationships gone awry and grudges or beliefs we carry that no longer serve us. Has a relationship suffered due to our lack of focus or our assumptions about them? How is our relationship with self? Do we spend all our time in an unending hustle for self-worth? Or do we spend it in gratitude and celebration for all that is? The New Year is a great time to repair broken relationships and/or heal a festering wound that is effecting our spiritual wellbeing.
  2. Refresh. Refresh speaks to addressing something in our lives that has gone stale or flat-lined that needs a boost. Does our career need an overhaul? Does our marriage need a jump start? Does our daily routine need a reboot? It’s an opportunity to look at all the active elements in our lives and make necessary adjustments so they are serving us, rather than merely acting as habit.
  3. Recover. Recover speaks to bringing back elements of our life that we have altogether dropped but wish to bring back. Perhaps you had children and a hobby had to take a backseat. Or a dream you had for yourself remains in the background, unacted upon. Or the vision you had of yourself no longer matches the reflection in the mirror. Recover asks us to scan for what’s missing or dormant and bring that element back into play.

Once you’ve explored these areas, you may find that some aspect of your health is involved but instead of joining the nearest gym, you will have specificity along with a vision to guide your success. What matters most is not WHAT your resolutions are but WHY you made them. I encourage each of you to use this time of year to revolutionize at least one aspect of your life.


Please share your Revolution in the comments so we can all cheer you on!

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Halley Bock is the author and founder of Life, Incorporated.

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