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5 Reasons Rejection Is Awesome for Your Career

[Brit + Co | Published January 29, 2017]

Let’s face it — rejection sucks just as much in the workplace as it does in your love life. You need to take big career risks, but sometimes, that big-time work project totally bombs or the promotion you *really* wanted just doesn’t come through. Being rejected can send you into a major work rut or shatter your confidence. But you don’t have to let it.

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Parents, Pry Teens Away from Those Phones

[LifeZette | Published December 7, 2016]

Modern innovation has given us the technology to live life better, simpler, and with less. But teenagers today are busier than ever, stressed out, over-medicated, narcissistic — and losing the ability to connect with others.

Something is not working….

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The Hollow Life: The Hidden Dangers of the Unfulfilled

[Ms Career Girl | Published November 25, 2016]

Right now, there are more active mobile devices than people in the world, and the growth of mobile devices is outpacing the human population by a factor of five. Even in economically depressed countries, approximately 89.4 mobile subscriptions exist for every one hundred inhabitants. No matter how you slice these numbers, it’s clear we have more  capacity for connection than we’ve ever had, yet we are the most disconnected we have ever been….

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Why We Were Surprised: The Loss of Connection

[The Huffington Post | Published November 10th, 2016]

On Wednesday, November 9th 2016, I woke up to the news that Donald Trump had been named President Elect. Like half the nation, I was stunned. Reeling. As a gay woman, I was terrified. In a daze, I paced circles in my living room – the questions filling my head…

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If I Knew Then

[Crain’s | Published November, 2016]

The Mistake: Saying yes when I should have said no, because I placed pleasing others ahead of my better judgment for fear of losing approval. For women, there’s a higher occurrence of this because we are more relationship-focused overall…

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Are You In A Toxic Relationship? Ask These 11 Questions To Find Out For Sure

[MindBodyGreen | Published November 1, 2016]

Strangely, we often choose to remain in an environment or a relationship that is toxic to us even though it can bring unwanted drama and trauma. Sometimes we choose to stay because it seems fixable—we feel we can make the person or situation better or that, perhaps, we are the problem…

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Rediscovering Our Own Self-Worth & Understanding What Makes Us Tick

[Green Child Magazine | Published October 24, 2016]

We live in a world of comparison. We comparison shop, we compare notes, we compare, we compare “apples to oranges”, and we compare graduation and dropout rates of educational institutions. We do all of this in an effort to determine worth and ensure we’re making the best possible decisions for ourselves, our children, our families…

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