Halley Bock

Halley Bock

Chief Provocateur, Author & Founder of Life, Incorporated

I have been a CEO, a grunt on a factory trawler, a producer of multi-cast live concerts, a burger flipper, and an executive coach to name just a few of my illustrious careers. It feels as if I have lived a thousand lives yet, through it all, I have always strived to unearth and understand the unique gift each has bore. And let me tell you, the gems I have been delivered as a result are priceless.

If anyone has a tendency to push the limits of possibility, it would be me. Most of the time this has resulted in jaw-dropping insights, discoveries and success. Other times, it has left me breathless and on my knees, begging for mercy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wrote Life, Incorporated both for myself and for all others who have struggled with some of the same issues I have wrestled down such as: Over-Achievement Syndrome, the “Type A”/”Mindful Enthusiast” double bind, the self-worth sieve, and the All-American gotta-have-it-all mentality, to name a few. It is my hope that my story along with the others shared in the book will illuminate an alternative path for those who struggle with the same. There is a way to live a fulfilling life if you’re willing to take yourself on.

While I am an introvert, I’m not shy. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and rattle a few cages. And I welcome my own “cage” being shaken on a regular basis.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and I’m the happiest outdoors when I’m engaged in physical activity, playing with my family, or gazing into the eyes of a kindred spirit. My passions are writing, coffee, cycling, running, and traveling the world with my family.

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone go after and pursue what they’ve always dreamt of but, perhaps, never had the courage to do before. That is an exquisite moment like no other — that is poetry in motion.


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