The Opposite of Connection is Addiction

The other day, I came across this fascinating article from Uplift. In it, the author provides research and data points that strongly suggest our greatest line of defense against addiction lies in cultivating connection with others.  Case in point: Portugal has...
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Make Your Resolutions Bullet-Proof

[From the January/February Issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine] So how do you put that plan into action—and track your progress? Halley Bock, author of Life, Incorporated: A Practical Guide to Wholehearted Living, has a blueprint to help you succeed at whatever you...
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Christmas Without Family: You’re Not Alone

As I sit writing this post, I am in my local coffee shop. Clusters of families stream through the doors at an elevated rate thanks to Christmas and Hanukkah being right around the corner. Some families laugh, hug, and appear charged up by their collective coming...
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If I Knew Then: About Patience

If I knew then what I know now about patience, I can’t help wondering whether the trajectory of my life would have been different. Not that I’m at all unhappy about where I’m at… it’s just that for many years, I confused patience with passivity, and in those instances...
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If I Knew Then: About Aging

If I Knew Then: About Aging

If I knew then, what I know now, about aging…I would’ve gotten a jump-start on doing it gracefully.  Or maybe I did. That I was raised by a family who valued form over substance, just may have contributed (OK, it did) to the conflicted and often clumsy approach I had...

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