Author: Halley Bock

The Meaning of Rejection: Badge of Honor? Or Critical Warning?

As a lifelong risk taker, rejection has been an omnipresent partner in my life — mostly unwanted yet always revealing. Now that I’ve survived my fair share of rejection, I’ve come to embrace it as a valuable indicator of one of two things: A beacon illuminating a new path or a rumble meant to test my internal drive. Rejection as a Critical Warning In business, rejection comes in multiple forms even in times of great momentum, ample resources, and highly attuned, engaged employees. It could be a project stalled. A team member suddenly disengaged. A plan hopelessly complex. A budget...

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The Competitive Edge of Gratitude: Use It or Lose It

The holidays are right around the corner which means the impending bombardment of cliche articles and posts about “giving thanks” have been loaded into the barrels of every editorial calendar under the sun. As much as I am a huge proponent of gratitude, I find this annual exercise troubling – the only time we spend time on the topic is when the calendar marches it across our desk. The Benefits of Gratitude Truth is, there’s an exhaustive list of reasons – both scientifically backed and those that are just “plain old good sense” – as to HOW practicing gratitude positively enhances our lives...

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The Reality of Time and The Sobering Truth You Need to Know

Alexander Bell wasn’t exaggerating when he said that time flies. Ever been caught telling a story about something that happened three years ago only to be corrected by your partner and reminded that it was more than eight years ago? Ever blinked and realized your children aren’t small enough to fit in your lap anymore? Ever gone back to visit the town you grew up in only to find it transformed by urban decay? Time is fleeting. And so much—so much—happens while our eyes and thoughts wander. And the reality is, we have less of it than we realize. Lets Do The Math: Hours in a Week  ...

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Five Ways to Enhance Your Environment

I love to travel. For me, it represents an exquisite opportunity for new experiences, thereby enhancing my world. Whether it’s a culinary delight of salumi and cheese in Italy, the aromatic lavender in Provence, or the morning coos of doves on the Big Island of Hawaii, each place possesses its own “signature” which instantly transports me to these cherished locations. If I could have things my way, I would weave together my own Utopia by braiding each location’s hallmark into the fabric of a new homeland. But such a Utopia, at least for me, doesn’t exist and that’s okay. I am extremely content...

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Why Your Life Is Not a Journey

In this remarkably poignant and powerful video by Dumma Dan, which overlays a famous speech by British philosopher Alan Watts over footage from Terrence Malick’s extraordinary The Tree of Life, we are reminded that the only way to experience life at its fullest is to live for today, in the now, letting go of outcome. As he puts it, if the goal was the destination, musicians would be rewarded for playing faster, and the whole payoff would be “one crackling chord.” Echoing my sentiment that one should pursue passion over purpose, Dan’s video drives this message home. And does it in such a way that...

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