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The Opposite of Connection is Addiction

The other day, I came across this fascinating article from Uplift. In it, the author provides research and data points that strongly suggest our greatest line of defense against addiction lies in cultivating connection with others.  Case in point: Portugal has demonstrated a 50% drop in addiction thanks to programs that are specifically designed to re-create connection between the addict and their community. It works on the premise that isolation and lack of love and support are huge drivers of addiction. Therefore, introducing these individuals into a society that values them can work to rehabilitate them. And it does. This then reminded me of a...

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Make Your Resolutions Bullet-Proof

[From the January/February Issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine] So how do you put that plan into action—and track your progress? Halley Bock, author of Life, Incorporated: A Practical Guide to Wholehearted Living, has a blueprint to help you succeed at whatever you commit to 100%. Her book has tons of actionable exercises to help you work out everything from what you should do for work, play, and self-development; who are you doing things for; how to make a daily plan; and how to positively utilize help from your community for your and others’ benefit. Here are Bock’s top...

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Book Resources: Available for Download

To download all of the Exercises from the book and the Life, Incorporated Journal as fillable PDFs, simply take these 3 steps:   1 Purchase the book from one of  these retailers: 2 Submit this form: First Name Email Address submit 3 Check your email! If you don’t receive your download within the next 15 minutes, check your spam folder. Still not there? No worries, contact our support team here. * Offer is valid for all versions of the book (hardcover, paperback, e-book and audiobook) and for orders from all online retailers and from...

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Revolutionize Your Year By Doing These 3 Things

Every year leading up to January, ads for gyms and weight management programs flood our screens. All of them hoping to profit from our collective lapse in taking our eye off the ball as life, once again, swept us off our feet and into its unrelenting fast-moving current. I have a theory about all those New Year’s Resolutions that die faster than this week’s Facebook meme: I think they die because we sprang for the obvious instead of choosing resolutions that we connected to and, thus, carried actual meaning to us. And because we can hardly be bothered to...

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Christmas Without Family: You’re Not Alone

As I sit writing this post, I am in my local coffee shop. Clusters of families stream through the doors at an elevated rate thanks to Christmas and Hanukkah being right around the corner. Some families laugh, hug, and appear charged up by their collective coming together. Others appear tense, exhausted, and forlorn as they soldier through their day – gritting their teeth for the days ahead. This year, I will celebrate Christmas without a handful of family members. As you will learn in my book, I had to permanently sever my relationship with my mother and my relationship...

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Book Resources

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