Author: Nancy Mendelson

If I Knew Then: About Intent

If I knew then what I know now about intent, it’s entirely possible I could have avoided sounding like a major @sshole early on in my career. It was the first week of my dream job at CBS, and I can remember sitting at a big conference table surrounded by seemingly intelligent people who would toss around acronyms and industry buzzwords with the finesse of champion tennis players. Even though I had no clue what they were saying at the time, I came away feeling intimidated. “Wow, these people are so smart,” I thought to myself, as I headed...

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If I Knew Then: About Patience

If I knew then what I know now about patience, I can’t help wondering whether the trajectory of my life would have been different. Not that I’m at all unhappy about where I’m at… it’s just that for many years, I confused patience with passivity, and in those instances either waited with stoic forbearance for a person or situation to change, or obediently allowed someone or something to make my decisions for me. Patience, I was to learn, was something entirely different. I actually became aware of the difference between patience and passivity several years ago as I was...

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If I Knew Then: About Dieting

If I knew then what I know now about dieting, I might not have let it consume my life like it did, for as long as it did. Since early childhood, someone was always watching my weight…and it wasn’t me because, at 5 years old, I didn’t know any better. I ate what I was given so, if I was headed for Chubbytown, it wasn’t me driving that train. I first became aware that my weight was an issue when my mother—a model—made me and my grandmother join her in generational fashion show to raise money for charity. The...

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If I Knew Then: About Aging

If I knew then, what I know now, about aging…I would’ve gotten a jump-start on doing it gracefully.  Or maybe I did. That I was raised by a family who valued form over substance, just may have contributed (OK, it did) to the conflicted and often clumsy approach I had to growing older. “Had” isn’t exactly accurate: although I continue to grow a lot more comfortable in my own skin, I can still freak out and become obsessed with altering my appearance.  Only these days, the attacks at my self-confidence are infinitely less frequent and last a matter of...

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