Creating Connection is the companion site to the book, both of which are dedicated to healing the dis-ease many people experience thanks to living in an “always on”, achievement-based world obsessed with instant gratification, materialism, and mind-numbing distractions — all of which are causing us to lose connection with ourselves and others.

Coming from her vast experience in the field of human dynamics, as well as drawing on her own deep struggles of rebuilding her life after devastating loss, Halley Bock — author of the upcoming book by the same name — will share her expertise, experiences, insights, and tools on how to recapture and craft a life that holds the capacity to deliver joy, fulfillment, connection, and health.

By bringing all aspects of life together and paying mindful attention to each, we are able to escape the trap of living a life for others or a shallow life for “show.” When we learn what makes us tick, how to love ourselves, and how to create deep, meaningful connection with our work, our selves, our relationships, and our lives, life is truly rich.

Below are the four core elements that, when attended to, will create health and wealth in life:


The soil in which we plant ourselves and consists of our inner life, our physical wellbeing, and environment.


The roots anchoring our lives and nourishing our soul. This element addresses what inspires us at a deep level.


The branches that demonstrate all the ways in which we express our passion. This element addresses vocation, avocation, and play.


The leaves on our tree that demonstrate the health of our relationships. Here we discuss ways to create and maintain healthy relationships.

What We Offer

Life, Incorporated offers its community an ongoing platform, beyond the book, in which to share a wide array of resources for living wholeheartedly. From articles, to videos, to upcoming webinars and retreats, we strive to connect with the community while sharing practical, actionable advice.

Because life is so diverse, we welcome contributions to the site. And we hope that no matter how you engage with Life, you will engage in some way. Our community is only as vibrant as the collective whole.

Articles & Blogs

Ideas, strategies, and musings on how to create more meaning, calm, joy, and abundance in life.


Weekly videos from Halley riffing on whatever issue is top of mind.


Online training and support for working deep in each Element of Life.


Three and five-day guided retreats that focus on YOU.